Ms. Hinkle's Mustangs
Ms Rachel Hinkle
6th Grade Mathematics
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Ms. Caraway

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Mrs. Douglas
Social Studies

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Mrs. Nichols
Language Arts


Welcome to the Mustangs!  We are glad you're here!
Math takes practice so you must commit to do what it takes to get it right.  Sometimes it will be easier than others, but you need to try just as hard, for every mistake you make is a learning experience.  Before you start the journey into my class please note the following classroom standards as stated by Disney.  <3


Ms. Caraway Homebase
Ms. Hinkle, Mrs. Nichols, Mrs. Douglas Homebases




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To Find out What we are doing in class click on the Above Links
To find out What we are doing in class click on the above Links

Our Textbook
Student Online Companion
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Student Log In information:
Username:  squish name  (usually first 5 letters of lastname and first three letters of first name)
Password: google docs password stu12345 where 12345 is last 5 of their social security number
 Same log in as Digits
Student Log In information:
Username: con and their 6 digit lunch number (no spaces) ex con123456
Password: Conroe

Students should work on ILEARN at least 60 minutes a week.  ILEARN is a weekly homework grade.

Digits Assignments are given as homework grades for the nine weeks,  At the end of each section I will take the grade that the student has earned so far.  Digits, except for test, can be completed as many times as the student would liek in order to improve their understanding.  I do not take off points for lateness on Digits assignments, the due date is a guide for the student to keep up with our current lesson.

Brain Pop
Study Jams
Useful videos can be found using Texas Digits, Grade 6-8, and Pre-Algebra.
You may also type in the topic and find vidoes.
User name: dollyvogel
Password: poplearn

Classroom Rules:

Respect Ourselves
        Try and do your best on all tasks
        Have all supplies needed for class
        Complete the work assigned
        Be on time

Respect Others
        Raise your hand when being instructed
        Listen to others when they are speaking
        Have all supplies needed for class
        Keep hands, feet, and supplies to yourself

Respect Property
        Throw away your trash and recycle
        Push desk into place and do not lean back on the seat
        Write on appropriate surfaces
Keep belongings in your space

Follow Directions
        Follow directions when given
        Follow School Rules

Being prepared for class everyday is essential to their learning.

Students need the following everyday:
4 sharpened pencils
A personal pencil sharpener
Class 3 or 5 subject Spiral with plastic cover
Usable Glue Stick
Colored Pencils
any assignment not finished from the day before

Positive Attitude




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