Kind words are never wasted. Like scattered seeds, they spring up in unexpected places. - E.M. Bounds        
Welcome Vogel Intermediate
students and parents!!  

Racquel Johnson - 6th Grade Counselor

~  " kind for everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about..." ~
- Author Unknown

My Counseling Philosophy -
I believe that what we are born with is not as important as what we choose to do with the abilities and limitations we possess.  

~Groups For Students~

Anxiety Group

Although some students seem to thrive and grow under stress, others allow stress to overpower them.  We often see this in students who seem to be extremely uptight about school, work, test, or getting along with others.  Some students are also dealing with stressful home situations.  In an effort to help your child and others learn more about this issue, I am forming a counseling group that will focus on helping children control their anxieties.  They will explore the cause of their feelings and learn strategies for overcoming these emotions.
Why Try! – Defense Mechanism & The Wall

1142013_12249_3.pngOrganization Group - O.R.E.O.S. -  (Organization Really Energizes Our Students)
Research shows that intermediate children who do not manage time effectively struggle with feeling a sense of accomplishment in their academic setting.  It is our priority here as Vogel Texans to motivate and encourage students to feel great about their academic achievements. The O.R.E.O.S. Group will assist students in understanding the importance of making a daily schedule and making the most of their time.  
Why Try! – Defense Mechanism & The Wall

1142013_12441_4.pngAltered Family Group
Statistics prove that many children are children of divorce. Educators see these children on daily basis and their behaviors often indicate a need for additional support from a professional staff member.  Children who are dealing with divorce usually have lots of mixed-up feelings inside and it may take a while for students to sort out these feelings and start to feel better.  The hope is that through attending this group the student finds a place where they can come and talk about your feelings while connecting with other students who may have experienced some similar feelings.  
Why Try! – Plugging In & Lift the Weight

6112014_21029_0.pngIce Cream Group
The Ice Cream (I-Scream!!) group is designed to give students two scoops of taking the GRRRR out of anger.  Our goal is to help them learn to chill out by handling their anger in a cooler and more peaceful manner.  This can assist in greater relationships at home, at school and out in the world.  We want them to understand that everyone gets angry and if allowed it can make you feel like a real monster.  It is important for them to understand that the anger is not the problem, however it is what they do next that matters the most.  
Why Try! – Defense Mechanisms, Lift The Weight, & Motivation Formula

1142013_12712_8.pngYMCA Girls - YMCA G.I.R.L.S. (Girls in Real Life Situations) is a program that was developed nine years ago by the YMCA of Greater Houston Area to help young girls build a strong foundation of self-esteem and knowledge.  Over the weeks, the girls will learn about the following topics:  Problem Solving Skills, Media Influences, Saying No to Peer Pressure, How to Get Along with Others, Setting and Achieving Goals, Creativity and Leadership Skills.  
Why Try! – Reality Ride, Tearing off Labels, & Jumping Hurdle
1142013_12743_9.pngGrief Group
Loss is a part of students’ lives and when loss occurs, grief follows closely behind.  The feelings associated with grief do not stop when a child enters school for the day.  Grief accompanies him/her and often affects both social and academic life. This group will focus on helping children heal and cope with deaths that have affected them.  
Why Try! – Plugging In, Reality Ride, Jumping Hurdles & Tearing off Labels

1142013_13538_10.pngBGTY - Be Good To Yourself
Without positive self-esteem, a child’s friendships, academic success, social interactions, and behavior can suffer.  BGTY teaches students to love themselves and allow that to shine in all they do.  This group will will also help students develop positive social skills that may help them learn to become a friend, how to make good choices in friends, and how to avoid negative peer pressure.  Occasionally, students will engage in games that encourage friendships too.   
Why Try! – Plugging In, Tearing off Labels, & Climbing Out

Gettting Our

Students Connected!!
Student Council  - Go Texans/Leadership
Leadership activities/lessons that enhance leadership skills such as service, confidence, courage, accountability,
responsibility, caring, honesty, respect and goal setting.  Students will be encouraged to use the POWER OF
ONE.  The leadership club will also discuss ways to become a part of something big by giving back to those that
may need it through service projects.  

New Student Social
The New Student Social was implemented in 2012 – 2013 as a way to get new students plugged in to Vogel.  It is
an opportunity for them to get the all-star welcome that most kids received on the first day of school.

Classroom Guidance
Classroom Guidance is a 30 minute lessons that occurs within the classrooms as a way to see all of our students
– not just those that may have issues or concerns.  Students are engaged in team building activities, character
building lessons, and problem solving skills.  Our Why Try program is used to get kids thinking and applying the
skills learned to their everyday life.  


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