Google Forms for class Character Counts Votes!

Sorrells homebase-Google Form-

Internet Links! Here are some great links we use in class!
Online textbook- National Geographic- (
Students logins are their squish name and their passwords are stu and 5 digit password.

Quizlets to Review for the Benchmark-
(Students have various pages tabbed in ISN to review for the benchmark and looking over these Quizlet would also help. )

Great Social Studies/ Language Arts Core Skills.

Brainbashers- (logical puzzles)- (SOME MAY REQUIRE A PAPER AND PENCIL!)

Free Rice- favorite sections for Ms. Rice and S.S.- HUMANITIES, LANGUAGE LEARNING, GEOGRAPHY

Typing Program-

From the Computer Lab-Here is a site that teaches about digital citizenship -

CNN Student News- We watch this every Friday (teacher previews for appropriateness) -

4th  Quarter
Australia Vocabulary- Quizlet link-
Financial Literacy Vocabulary for Math STAAR Review-
Week 9- No homework this week.
Monday- May 15 - Warm Up-- Non-fiction reading #8.  Today we will review for the Australia test.  (the test was mistakingly given on Friday.  
Students will be shown their test and have the option to retake the test, if they
prefer on THURSDAY, 5/18/17- this was the correct date for the test.
Tuesday- May 16- - Warm Up -none due to shortened classes and flipped schedule due to Irons fieldtrip.
Wednesday- May 17 - Warm Up-Quote Reflection. -  Today we will continue learning about USA and Canada.  We will also review for the Australia test.   
Thursday -  May 18- Warm Up- CNN 10  .  Today we will complete the Australia test, then mark ISNs for the End of the Year Benchmark.  Students will spend time reviewing using various Quizlets.
Friday-  May 19-  Warm Up-CNN 10.  Shortened class periods due to the Fine Arts Performances.  Today we will study review for the Benchmark after completing the atlas w/s for North America.
Australia Vocabulary- Quizlet link-
Financial Literacy Vocabulary for Math STAAR Review-
Week 8- No homework this week.
Monday- May 8 - Warm Up-- Stay in homebase and take Math Staar
Tuesday- May 9- - Warm Up -Stay in homebase and take Reading Staar
Wednesday- May 10 - Warm Up-Non-fiction reading -  Today we will complete Chapter 24 sections
Thursday -  May 11- Warm Up- Non-fiction reading , Today we will complete a review for Australia test
Friday-  May 12-  Warm Up-Non-fiction reading.  Today we will study for Australia test and then complete sections on Skill Tutor and then play ICIVIC - new county works game
Week 7- No homework this week.
Monday- May 1 - Warm Up- Non-fiction Reading #4- .  Today we will Complete Chapter 24- Section 1 and 2- Migration to and within Australia. Listening to online text and taking notes.
Tuesday- May 2- - Warm Up - Non-fiction Reading #5.  Today we will complete section 3 on Polynisian Culture and take notes in ISN>  
Wednesday- May 3 - Warm Up-Today we will work all class period on Financial Literacy for Math STAAR review. Complete 10 Question Review and then play Quizlet Live for Financial Lit. terms.
Thursday -  May 4- Todaty we will listen to Section 1.4 on Antarctica and Arctic Region.  Also complete notes in ISN.
Friday-  May 5-  Warm Up- CNN 10.  Today we will finish atlas w/s.  Take notes just on section on New Gobal Partnerships and then listen to section 2.2 on Rights of Indigenous People.
Week 6- homework this week- None this week.... study for Vocabulary Quiz-!
Monday- April 24- Warm Up- Character Reflection - tenacious   Obj- learn and apply Australia vocabulary  Today students will share their Australia vocabulary activities and then we study together using Quizlet.  Students can take home ISN to study or use link above to study for Quiz.  Quiz is tomorrow- 4/25/17
Tuesday- April 25- - Warm Up-TACO Tuesday. Analyze Political Cartoons   Obj-  Demonstrate knowledge of Australia vocabulary on Quiz.  (period 3 and 5 will have Quiz tomorrow)  Watch video of Australia's physicical geography.  
Wednesday- April 26 - Warm Up- Non-fiction Reading #1.  period 3 and 5 will have the Quiz over Australia.  Watch video on region. Complete Atlas w/s on Australia's Human Geography.
Thursday -  April 27- Warm Up-  Non- fiction Reading #2. Finish and check the atlas w/s.  Objective for today- Students will learn a portion of the Australia information to share with class.  They will be in groups. Students will then teach their portion of the information to the class.  
Friday-  April 28-  Warm Up- CNN 10.  Begin sharing information with class.  (Each group should only need about 4 minutes to share)

Week 5- homework this week- Due Friday- Australia and Oceania Tourist Attractions- w/s (extras at front by agenda)
 Monday- April 17- Warm Up- Asia #9 and p3 and p5- . Debit and Credit Cards (financial literacy)   Obj- Understand a culture through research and various presentation objectives.  Today students present ANY REMAINING PROJECTS! Complete cover for Australia unit, listen to music from the region, begin the atlas w/s.
Tuesday- April 18- - Warm Up-Asia #10- turn in Asia warm ups for a daily grade.   Obj-  Understand how people in Australia are affected by the physical features. Atlas w/s.  
Wednesday- April 19 - Warm Up- Financial Literacy.  Go to the computer lab for Digital Citizenship lesson,  Finish and complete the atlas w/s.  
Thursday -  April 20- Warm Up-   Financial Literacy.  Check the atlas w/s.  Objective for today- Determine knowledge of Australia vocabulary.  Complete a pretest, then use that information to determine the activity for the vocabulary..... 4 levels.  Students will also all receive the definitions of all the words.  
Friday-  April 21-  Warm Up- Financial Literacy .  Today we will complete the vocabulary activities for Australia.  Watch movies and see slides from students and study the words.  CNN Student News at the end of the class period.
Week 4- NO  homework this week!!- Projects due Wednesday and short week.
 Monday- April 10- Warm Up- Character Reflection. .  Obj- Understand a culture through research and various presentation objectives.  Today students will work on Google Presentations for a country in Asia- culture study.
Tuesday- April 11- - Warm Up-Taco Tuesday. Analyze political cartoon. Obj- Understand culture through research. Today students will finish their Google Presentations.  Students who are finished will work on ICIVICS or free Rice.  Remind students to read through Google Presentations.  These will be presented tomorrow.
Wednesday- April 12 - Warm Up- Asia  #8- Students will demonstrate being a good audience member while classmates present the Google Presentations.  Follow Champs for Presentations.
Thursday -  April 13- Warm Up- Asia #9  Same objectives as yesterday- finish Google Presentations for Asia project.
Friday-  April 14- Student Holiday!  
Week 3- NO  homework this week!!- Test on Friday over Asia.  Students have 3 separate pages to study.
 Monday- April 3- Warm Up- Asia #5.  Obj- Review historical event for test.  Today we will go over historical events in East Asia and then cover items that will be on Friday's test. We will also go over the Vocabulary Terms that students completed on Friday.  We will make corrections and students will now have 3 pages ( stabled together to study for the test).  We will discuss and choose countries for the Asia research project.  Project are due, April 12.  
Tuesday- April 4- - Warm Up-Taco Tuesday. Analyze political cartoon. Obj- Understand culture through research. Today students will research their portion of the culture project using Culture Grams.
Wednesday- April 5 - Warm Up- Asia Warm Up 7- Students will go to computer lab and complete research for the Asia project.  After the research is finished, they will begin the Google Slides.
Thursday -  April 6- none.  Today we will all stay in homebase and compete the Math Benchmark.  Students will read when finished.  Remaining time after testing is over- students will complete the Quiz Wizard we began last Friday.  when all are finished we will check.  
Friday-  April 7 - Warm Up- Study silently for test.  Complete the test and work on Project when finished.  Last 10 minutes of class, we will watch CNN 10.
Week 2- NO  homework this week!!- Quizlet voc. for ASIA-
 Monday- March 27- Warm Up- Quote reflection - "Instead of putting others in their place, put yourself in their place."  Students will write a response to the quote.  Obj- Identify physical features of East  Asia.  Today we will watch opener video clip on East Asia, sketch the map of the area.  Listen and take notes on Phys. Geo. pages 526-7, China's Rivers 528-9.
Tuesday- March 28- Warm Up-Taco Tuesday. Analyze political cartoon. Obj- Understand how people in specific geographic regions adapt to physical environment. Today we will read and take notes on - Japan, Korean Peninsula (NK and SK) and Mongolia.  Then students will work in cooperative learning groups to create riddles for another group to solve about which country the riddle in about.  (if groups do not finish today- could use few minutes tomorrow and then they will solve another group's riddles)
Wednesday- March 29 - Warm Up- Asia Warm Up 3- Students will solve puzzles from yesterday's reading (if not done) and then complete an Open Note Assessment- for a Quiz grade.  If time students will label a  map of 10 countries they will need to know for test on 4/6.  Students will also get vocabulary list for 10 words they will need to know for the test.
Thursday -  March 30- Warm Up- Asia Warm Up #4.  Obj- Silk Road Activity. Students will explore the Silk Road on a virtual site (see link above) and pretend they are merchants on the silk road.
Friday-  March 31 - Warm Up- watch CNN Student News.  Read and take notes on 2.5- Communist Revolution and 3.1- Japanese Samurai.  Students will then complete an worksheet on China from Junior Scholastic.

Week 1- homework this week due Friday. Extras are located in front of the classroom on board.
 Monday- March 20- Warm Up- Character reflection on character trait- responsible. Obj- Identify physical features of South Asia.  Today we will grade the district checkpoint, color sheet for Asia, complete in groups Physical Features of Asia using atlas.
Tuesday- March 21- Warm Up-Taco Tuesday. Analyze political cartoon. Obj-  Analyze how people of South Asia use their .resources.  Today we will listen and take notes on section of textbook- regarding South Asia, water scarcity and natural resources.
Wednesday- March 22 - Warm Up- Asia Warm Up 1- Students will complete a Near Pod lesson on Ancient Indian Empires.
Thursday -  March 23- Warm Up- Asia Warm Up #2.  Obj- learn about the historical contributions of an individual - Gandhi!  Read about him in textbook and work on notetaking skills- page 488-9.  Watch video clip of Gandhi. Begin atlas w/s- Regions for Asia.
Friday-  March 24 - Warm Up- watch CNN Student News.  Check homework. Complete the atlas worksheet from yesterday. Play TAP QUIZ- Asia on ipad. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Quizlet Vocabulary - Unit 1- Map Skills-
                Unit 2- Physical Geography- (may be a few terms we did not learn)
                Unit 3- Culture-
                Unit 4- Economics -
                Unit 5- Government and Citizenship-
Reading Help- Suffix Vocab Lesson-
                         Prefix Vocab Lesson-
                            Prefix, Suffix from Read,write, think-
                           Latin Roots-
                           Greek Roots-
                           Prefix, Suffix from Readwritethink 2-

Incan Empire- link to the google doc for Virtual Field trip
Example of the Virtual Post Card- (done in drawing with 1 picture)

3rd Quarter
Week 9- no homework this week!
 Monday- March 6 - Warm Up- Quick Write about a past adventure.  Today we will finish the video on Ancient Egypt and complete the assessment on a notecard.  If time allows we will read about Oil and Wealth in Middle East from textbook and take notes.
Tuesday- March 7- Warm Up-Quick Write- Describe the water cycle .    Today we will complete lesson on Oil in Middle East, then review for the Checkpoint.
Wednesday- March 8 - Warm Up- look over ISN and mark sections to review for Checkpoint.
Thursday -  March 9- Warm Up- Students will go to counselor for guidance lesson and complete the District Checkpoint (12 questions).  
Friday-  March 10 - Warm Up- watch CNN Student News.  Complete lessons on Skill Tutor.
Monday- February 27 - Warm Up- Character Reflection
Tuesday- February 28- Warm Up-Taco Tuesday (Analyzing  a Politcal Cartoon) .  Today we will complete partial sections of History Atlas w/s as we continuing on monotheistic religions and how they each spread globally. Students will work in table groups using cooperative learning green zone on Champs!
Wednesday- March 1 - Warm Up- none.  continue working on History atlas w/s, if not finished.  Today we will go to the computer lab for a technology lesson.
Thursday -  March 2- Warm Up- none.  flipped schedule for the reading benchmark!  
Friday-  March 3 - Warm Up- watch CNN Student News and write down the topic of new stories and whether it would be considered a push or pull for migration to the country. Today we will learn about the historical contributions of Ancient Egypt!  Our Assessment will be writing 4 things on a notecard from video notes.
Week 7- Homework this week- Reading w/s. Due Friday.
Monday- February 20 - President's Day- Student Holiday!  
Tuesday- February 21- Warm Up- Character Reflection on "loyal" as a character trait.  Today we will learn about the Physical  Geography of Swest Asia and North Africa  and Tigris and Euphrates Rivers.  Students will sketch the countries of the area, then take notes on the sections in the textbook.
Wednesday- February 22- Warm Up- TACO Tuesday (on Wednesday!)- Today we will listen to and take notes on Sections in the textbook about Arabian Peninsula and Anatolian and Iraian Plateau.  We will discuss these sections.  Students will then complete an Assessment for a daily grade on these sections of the Physcial Geography and vocabulary.
Thursday -  February 23- Warm Up- finish Assessment and check if not done.  Today we will learn about Mesopotamia and work in cooperative groups in 6 different stations to learn about these historical region.
Friday-  February 24- - Warm Up- none. Students will turn in their homework.  We will finish the Stations on Mesopotamia.  When finished students will write 4 things they learned through this activity.  
3rd Quarter
Week 6- No homework this week. Working on Expository Text All Week!  Due 2/21.
Monday- February 13 - Warm Up- reflection on the African Mask project.    Students will look at classmate's masks.  Then we are starting on a Expository Text essay about "characteristics of a great friend".  We will work on this in class and they will be due on Tuesday, 2/21.  
Tuesday- February 14- Warm Up- History of Valentine's Day.   Today students will work on the Expository Text.  
Wednesday- February 15- Warm Up- SS #9 Students will work on the ExpositaryText.
Thursday -  February 16-  Warm Up- SS #10 .  Students will continue to work on Expository Text.  
Friday-  February 17 - Warm Up- Watch CNN Student News and take notes.  Students will have last class period to work on the Expository Texts.  They are due on Tuesday, 2/21.  
Week 5- No homework this week.  African Masks are due Monday, 2/13 for a major grade.
Monday- February 6 - Warm Up- none.  Students will read  a JS and complete Know the News about Current Events .  
Tuesday- February 7- Warm Up-  SS #5  Today students will glue notes into ISN over Sub-saharan Africa's History.  read 2 sections of the textbook about Lost Boys of Sudan and Apartheid and Mandela.  watch Brain Pop on Nelson Mandela.
Wednesday- February 8- Warm Up- SS #7.  Students will get class period to work on their African masks.
Thursday -  February 9-  Warm Up- SS #8 .  Students will continue to work on African masks.
Friday-  February 10 - Warm Up- Watch CNN Student News and take notes.  Students will have 3rd and final day to work on African masks. And masks that are not completed need to be finished at home over the weekend. They are due on Monday.
Week 3-  January 30- February 3- no homework this week.
Monday- January 30 - Warm Up- Character Counts.   Write reflection on Quote from Elenor Roosevelt.  Today we will complete atlas w/s about Physical Geography of Africa and check.  Work on Human Geography w/s.  Play Tap Quiz to learn countries in Africa for test on Friday.
Tuesday- January 31- Warm Up- TACO Tuesday.  Ananlyze Political Cartoon. Today we will read about Bantu Migrations and complete worksheet in groups about Mans Musa.  
Wednesday- February 1- Warm Up- none. Finish Mansa Musa w/s. and go over. Check Human Geography w/s.  Go over
Thursday -  February 2-  Warm Up- none.  Complete presenations (1st part of class period) and then present our information to class. Go over Champs for presentations. These presentations and group work will be a Quiz grade.
Friday-  February 3 - Warm Up- Watch CNN Student News. Check homework- Africa Natural Landscaope.  Today we will get a map of Africa with 10 countries and 10 physcial features to learn. Complete our section of physcial geography Africa.
Week 3-  January 23-27- homework for this week- Africa's Natural Landscape.
Monday- January 23 - Warm Up- Character Counts.  Students will learn about resilient and 2 people who have this character trait.  Write reflection. Today we will listen and read pages 358-359 on Physical Geography and pages 360-361 on East Africa and the Rift Valley taking notes and learning key vocabulary terms.  Then we will play a game to review for the test.
Tuesday- January 17 Warm Up- Study silently for the test over Russia and Euasian Republics. Today we will complete a test, then watch a video learning more about the Physcial Geography of Africa. Complete a video assessment when we finish using our notes for a daily grade.
Wednesday- January 18- Warm Up- none.  Go to computer lab.  Complete research over different rainforests of Africa and complete a google presentation in groups sharing various information about these rainforests tomorrow. Go over Champs for group work.
Thursday -  January 19-  Warm Up- none.  Complete presenations (1st part of class period) and then present our information to class. Go over Champs for presentations. These presentations and group work will be a Quiz grade.
Friday-  January 20 - Warm Up- Watch CNN Student News. Check homework- Africa Natural Landscaope.  Today we will get a map of Africa with 10 countries and 10 physcial features to learn. Complete our section of physcial geography Africa.
Week 2-  January 16-20- homework for this week- Russian Revolution Timeline w/s
Monday- January 16-MLK day and no school!
Tuesday- January 17 Warm Up- none.  Finish video of MLK and Civil Rights Movement.  Students will take notes and then create a caption for the MLK memorial.  
Wednesday- January 18- Warm Up- none.  Go to computer lab.  Complete a review for the Russian and Eurasian Republic States.  - test will be Tuesday, 1/24.
Thursday -  January 19-  Warm Up- Students will complete the review .  We will go over the review together.  Students will have this review to study for test.
Friday-  January 20 - Warm Up- Watch CNN Student News. Check homework- Russian Revolution Timeline.  Today we will create a Opening sheet for Africa while listening to music from Africa, tie off Latin America and Europe sections.
Week 2-  January 9-13- homework for this week- Northern Tundra w/s
Monday- January 9- Warm Up- Character Counts- patient, students write a reflection after reading historical and contemporary examples. Today we will: Take Open Note Test over History of Europe (using ISN notes), begin Eurasian Unit by studying geography of Russia and surrounding area.
Tuesday- January 10 Warm Up- Taco Tuesday (Politcal Cartoon Analysis) Today we will: Learn about the physical geogrpahy of Russia and the Euarsian states by reading and discussing Ch 11- Section 1.1 and 1.2, taking notes in ISN.  
Wednesday- January 11- Warm Up- Europe # 14- Prarphrasing and Summarizing (using SS content) .  Today we will complete note-taking worksheets for Ch 11- Section1.3 and 1.4- on Natural Resrouces and Siberian Lake from textbook.  Go over and discuss.  
Thursday -  January 12-  Warm Up- Europe #16- Locating and Recalling Info. about Berlin Wall.  Today we will- go to counselor visit and read and discuss Chapter 11- Section 1.5 on Aral Sea.  Students will take notes and sketch the disiappearing Aral Sea in ISN.  
Friday-  January 13 - Warm Up- Watch CNN Student News. Check homework on Northern Tundra. Today we will complete a Vocabulary matching assignment using ISN.  
Week 1-  January 2-6- homework for this week- E.U. map w/s.  
Monday- student holiday
Tuesday- January 3 Warm Up- Write a new goal for the new year! - Today we will review/ check over the District Checkpoint.  Complete Human Geography Atlas w/s.  
Wednesday- January 4- Warm Up-  Europe # 10, finish and check atlas w/s.  Begin review of European History  w/s.  
Thursday -  January 5-  Warm Up- Europe #11.  Work on European History significance w/s in groups.  
Friday-  January 6 Warm Up- Watch CNN Student News. (teacher discretion upon prior viewing) Finish and check the European History w/s.  Students will use this and notes for Open Note Test.- Tuesday,  January 10- major grade.  
2nd Quarter
Week 8-  December 12-16- no homework for this week due to evening performances and district Checkpoint.
Monday- 12-12  Warm Up- Europe warm up #   6 - Listen to sections in textbook on Industrial Revolution and take notes. Finish notes on Europe
Tuesday- 12-13 Warm Up- #7 - Complete Review for Checkpoint together and go over.  Students can use this to review.
Wednesday- 12-14-Warm Up- none study queitly for Checkpoint.  Students will complete district checkpoint in class. After all have completed students will complete Quiz Wizard from JS assignment from last Friday.  When all are finished they will get in cooperative learning groups and study how holidays are celebrated in 11 different countries. (Using bulletin board paper for a poster to share tomorrow)   
Thursday - 12-15-  Warm Up- none.  Students will finish info. and share with class. (assignment started yesterday)
Friday- 12-106 Warm Up- Watch CNN Student News.  Finish any presentations. (shortened class due to early dismissal)
Week 7-  December 5-9- no homework for this week.
Monday- 12-5  Warm Up- Europe warm up #3   Objective for today: Complete Open Note Assessment for Phyisical Europe, begin History
Tuesday- 12-6 Warm Up- none due to shortened class period because of Benchmark.  Continue Notes on History of Europe.  
Wednesday- 12-7-Warm Up- Europe #4 Objective for today -Complete the Notes on European History.  Watch videoclips that highlight each.  
Thursday - 12-8-  Warm Up- Europe warm up #5 -   Objective for today: Disucss European Union
Friday- 12-10-Warm Up- Watch CNN Student News.   Objective for today: Review for SS Check point.
Week 6- November 28- December 2- no homework for this week.
Monday- 11-28   Warm Up- Writing a reflection on the character trait of honesty.      Objective for today: Complete Latin America Lap books, finish Human Geography Atlas w/s.
Tuesday- 11-29-Warm Up- Taco Tuesday (analyze politcal cartoon) Objective for today: Examine the Lap book in gallery walk, check the atlas w/s.
Wednesday- 11-30-Warm Up- Glue in Assurance Statements for Latin America to celebrate end of that unit., Color Opening sheet for Europe.   Objective for today - Learn the physical geography of Europe.  Read Chapter 9- Sections 1.1 and 1.2 on Physcial Europe and take notes. Begin atlas w/s on Europe.
Thursday - 12-1-   Warm Up- Europe warm up #1 Absolute Location.   Objective for today: Continue study of Physcial Europe.  Finish atlas w/s.  Watch video on Europe's physical features. Take notes on Chapter 9- 1.3
Friday- 12-2Warm Up- Watch CNN Student News.   Objective for today: Finish study of Physical Europe.
Week 5- November 14-18
Monday- 11-14.    Warm Up- Writing a reflection on a choice of quotes about Thanksgiving or just begin grateful.     Objective for today: Analyzing Primary Sources.   We will read page 290-1 from text about Simon Bolivar- read 2 documents and anylyze a picture of him then create an "antique-looking document" to write the Doc 1-3 and main idea on in cooperative learning groups. Begin on the Human Geography atlas w/s of S.A.
Tuesday- 11-15 -Warm Up- Taco Tuesday (analyze politcal cartoon) Objective for today: choose countries for the Latin America project, begin research, .  Homework- study for the test.
Wednesday- 11-16-Warm Up-  Objective for today Complete the test.  Go to computer lab for a tech. lesson.
Thursday - 11-17-   Warm Up- Latin America #54- Absolute Location  Objective for today: Work on projects.
Friday- 11-11Warm Up- Watch CNN Student News.   Objective for today: Work on project.  Finish other outstanding work.
Week 4- November 7- 11
Monday- 11-7.    Warm Up- Character Trait- Writing  Reflection.    Objective for today: Identify and Inderstand the Physical Features of South America .   We will label a map to study for a test on 11/16, Listen to 2 sections in text and take notes 190-193 and listen to the South America song! Map Test- Wed., 11/16.  Please let me know if you are going out of town and need to take the test early.
Tuesday- 11-8-Warm Up- Taco Tuesday (analyze politcal cartoon) Objective for today: continue learning about physcial South America using the atlas (complete atlas w/s for daily grade) and watching a video.
Wednesday- 11-9 -Warm Up-  Objective for today:Learn how South American use different elevations zones .  Today we will work in cooperative learning groups/ pairs to complete the Geo Activity from Nat. Geo regarding elevation zones and what is grown at different zones.  Students will receive a cooperative learning grade for this activity.
Thursday - 11-10  Warm Up- Latin America #57- matching countries with captials. Objective for today: Understanding how Amazon River and Rain Forest affect the lives of the people of this region.  Students will read and take notes on textbook- Ch. 7- Section 1.3 (page 194-5) and Section 1.5 (page 198-9).  We will discuss these together and then continue watching the video on South America.

Friday- 11-11Warm Up- Watch CNN Student News.  Check homework.  Objective for today: Examine the Incan Empire in South America.  

Week 3- October 31- November 4- No homework this week so students can study for test on Thursday. - Review for the test!! Review for Mex, CA, and Car. test page 1.jpgReview for Mex, CA, and Car. test page 2.jpg

Monday- 10-31.    Warm Up- Leader Quote  Reflection.    Objective for today: Complete a review for the test on Thursday working in cooperative learning groups.  We will go over the answers so students have this to study.   
Tuesday- 11-1- Warm Up-  new warm up for Tuesday- TACO Tuesday -analyzing a poltical cartoon using TACO acryonym     Objective for today: Complete Editing Benchmark for Language Arts.
Wednesday- 11-2 -Warm Up- Latin America #17- Identifying Purpose.  Objective for today: Technology Lesson with Mr. Severa and then study together for the test.
Thursday - 11-3  Warm Up-Study silently for test.   Objective for today: Demonstrate Understanding of the Content of Mexico, Central American and Caribbean by completing a test. After all are finished, students will begin an atlas w/s on South America.
Friday- 11-4  Warm Up- Watch CNN Student News.   Objective for today: Compare and Contrast How Elevation Impacts the lves of South Americans.  Read through opening pages of South America, and complete a map of countries and physical features, then read Section 1.1 of Chapter 7
Week 2- October 24-28- Homework for this week-  Jamaica : A Beautiful Island passage and 10 questions. (extras are located in front of classroom by board)
Monday- 10-24.    Warm Up- Leader Character Reflection.  Glue definitions and example in warm up folder. Write refection on the word leader.  Objective for today: Understand the historical contribution of groups and initials.   Today we will read about the Conquistadors and complete a note-taking worksheet. page 104-5 , then learn about the Mexican Revolution and complete a note-taking worksheet page 106-7.  
Tuesday- 10-25- Warm Up-  Latin Am. w/u- #16- Using Secondary Sources. (Latin American warm up - completion will be a Quiz grade at the end of the unit.     Objective for today: Understand the Physical Geography of Central America and Caribbean. Today we will learn about the Physical and Political features by labeling a map, then read sections 1.1 and 1.2 (Earthquakes and Volcanoes of the textbook .  Students will take notes and we will discuss.
Wednesday- 10-26 -Warm Up-  Latin America #22 Using  A Political Map.   Objective for today: Understand the Physical Geography (same as yesterday) Today we will learn about the Rainforest of Central Am. (section 1.3) and watch a video relating to this, then learn about a Saving the Turtles (section 1.4) .  Students will take notes and we will discuss.
Thursday - 10/27 Warm Up-Latin America W/U #21- Paraphrasing and Summarizing.    Objective for today: Demonstrate Understanding of the Physical Geo. of Central America and Caribbean by using notes and textbook to complete an Open Note Quiz. After grading students will read latest Junior Scholastic.
Friday- 10-28  Warm Up- Watch CNN Student News.  Check homework. Objective for today: Trace the sequence of development of trade in Caribbean and Analyze events that led to independence for Central America and Caribbean.
Week 1- October 17-21- Homework for this week-  Chronology of Mexico- due Friday.
Monday- 10-17.    Warm Up- Handwriting practice.   Today we will complete any part of the lesson incomplete from Friday. Homework- Mexico w/s. Today we will receive and color a Unit 2 opener for Latin America, read pages 84-85, label a map of Mexico, begin a video and complete a notetaking worksheet on Mexico.
Tuesday- 10-18- Warm Up- Quote Reflection.  ( Students will write about a quote and store in warm up folder).  Today we will finish labeling the map of Mexico.  Then we will watch a video which shares information on Mexico: Its Land, Resources and Economy.  Students will complete a note taking worksheet as we view it.
Wednesday- 10-19 -Warm Up-None.  We will spend part of today reviewing together as class for the Common Assessment (completed tomorrow).  We also have a technology lesson in the Computer Lab.
Thursday - 10-20 Warm Up- None.  Complete the District Common Assessment for a daily grade. Then finish the lesson Mexico by going over the notetaking worksheet and completing an assessment using the worksheet.
Friday- 10-21 Warm Up- Watch CNN Student News.  Today we will work in cooperative learning groups to compare and contrast to Evaluate the Cultural Contributions of the Mayan and Aztec using the textbook and history atlas.
Week 8- October 10-14
Monday- 10-10.   Warm Up- Character reflection.  Learn good character trait of achieve.  Write a reflection in Warm Up folder.   Today we will go over champs for successful presentation and audience membership, have class group presentations on Create a Country Project.
Tuesday- 10-11- Warm Up- Atlas w/s.  Today we will complete all class projects.  Continue study on Population.
Wednesday- 10-12 -Warm Up-Watch Population Video and take notes.  Today we will complete an atlas  worksheet on Population and check when completed.
Thursday - 10-13- Warm Up- Video "I am 1 in 7 billion" and take notes.  Complete atlas w/s on Health and Food- check.  Complete atlas w/s on World Economy together in groups and then check
Friday- 10-14 Warm Up- CNN Students News. Listen to Chapter 3- Section on Human Rights. ( not all classes completed due to half day and activities)
Week 7- October 3-7
Monday- 10-3.   Warm Up- Candy Bar Economics- group activity. Student objective- show understanding of economics by completing a closed note assessment, begin lesson on government. Today we will : check the homework, begin the lesson on government.  No homework this week due to test tomorrow and project.
Tuesday- 10-4- Warm Up- Write reflection on Quote.  Complete Prefix Test.  Watch videos to learn more about different types of governments. Discuss project.  Students get papers for parent's signatures.
Wednesday- 10-5 -Warm Up-none. Technology lesson  Begin working on Group Project.  Parent Signature is due tomorrow.
Thursday - 10-6- Warm Up- Quality Control lesson.  Work on Project. Check to see if parents have signed the project paper.
Friday- 10-7- Warm Up- CNN Students News. Work on Project.. Projects are due on Monday. Students have individual part to complete for group.  

Week 6- September 26-30
Monday- 9-26.  Warm Up-  Students will then Write a reflection on a choice of 3 topics regarding the character trait- Effort.   Objective- Understanding Migration. - Students will complete Atlas w/s in groups on Migration. Also receive homework for this week- "The Roots of Southern Food" and get a chance for extra credit by watching part of the Presidential Debates tonight.  Cursive packet is due on Wednesday.
Tuesday- 9-27- Warm Up- Go over Lesson 3 Vocabulary.  match definitions.  Objective- Students will Understand Economic Geography and its Affect on People. Students will complete the Atlas w/s on Culture and Migration, turn in Extra credit assignment (presidential debate viewing), listen to pages 62-3 on Economic Geography, begin to discuss the vocabulary.
Wednesday- 9-28 -Warm Up-Students will complete a short assignment for a daily grade in lang arts. Test next Wednesday- 10- 4 over all 30 vocabulary words.  Objective for today- Know the Five Types of Industry, and the Four Factors of Production. Students will complete a cut and paste activity to help them learn the industries.
Thursday - 9-29- Warm Up-  None.   Students will learn how economic indicators help determine a country's wealth.
Friday- 9-16- Warm Up- CNN Students News.  Check homework.-(some classes we just picked it up to grade on Monday)   Students will complete lesson from yesterday on wealth of countries determining wether country is developed or under developed. We will then apply what we have learned to run a business on the computer .

Week 5- September 19-23
Monday- 9-19.  Warm Up-  Students will then Write a reflection on a choice of 3 topics regarding a famous quote- "Be the change you wish to see in the world."- Mahatma Gandhi.  Objective- define culture and culture traits- Students will watch video on culture (see link above) and take notes to help them define culture and culture traits.  Then they will complete a note taking w/s on their own culture traits, classmates', to help understand the concept.
Tuesday- 9-20- Warm Up- Students will study silently for test.Objective- Display knowledge of Physical Geography. Students will complete a test on Physical Geography. Afterwards they can complete any unfinished portion on culture lesson.
Wednesday- 9-21 -Warm Up-Students will read through lesson 2 vocabulary.  Glue in culture definitions and take notes on religions.
Thursday- 9-15- Warm Up- Lesson 4 Vocab.    Students will learn about multiculturalism, and decide on pros and cons of the concept.
Friday- 9-16- Warm Up- CNN Students News. Students will take an Open Note Assessment on Culture for a daily grade.  check homework.
Week 4- September 12-16
Monday- 9-12.  Warm Up- Students will glue in definition for Character Counts- (Respect- showing regard for another by word or deed.) Students will then Write a reflection on a choice of 3 topics regarding this character trait.  Objective- Understanding Physical Processes- Students will watch video segments on several different video clips and take notes in ISN.  We will go over the notes.  Then we will "jigsaw" the information of Chapter 2.  Each group will read and then present to the class about specific information about physical geography.  
Tuesday- 9-13- Warm Up- Students will begin word study for Language Arts .  We will read through 10 definitions and students will rewrite the definition in their own word.Objective- How does the physical geography of a region affect the people who live in the region. Students will complete the presentations of the inform ation from chapter 2 of physical geography.  We will complete a crossword puzzle of Physical Process.
Wednesday- 9-14 -Warm Up-Students will complete an activity using the words presented yesterday for a daily grade in LA.  Students begin an atlas w/s about the Physical Earth- specifically about climate and oceans- for a daily grade.
Thursday- 9-15- Warm Up- none, just continue working on the atlas w/s.   Students will review for the test that will be given on Tuesday.
Friday- 9-16- Warm Up- CNN Students News.  Watch "We the People" from School House Rocks to commemorate Constitution Day. Begin our study of Culture. Watch Culture video and take notes. (see link to video above)   Define Culture.

Week 3- September 5- 9
Monday- 9-5-   Labor day holiday.
Tuesday- 9-6- Warm Up- Complete #5 on Read Maps Legends (using the atlas) .Objective- Understand applying 5 themes to answer geographic questions. Students will use notes in ISN to answer 10 questions.  Review passwords for first class, google, online textbook, and accessing student access. Go over map tests.  Start Physical Geography pictures and definition in ISN.
Wednesday- 9-7 -Warm Up-None. Students will go to the computer lab for a technology lesson, then we begin Unit 2- Physical Geo by learning/review information about land and water .  
Thursday- 9-8- Warm Up- #6 on Atlas w/s.  Today we will finish the physical geo. vocabulary. Give students time to review these together.  (daily grade for completion) .  Show students how to log into online textbook.  
Friday- 9-9- Warm Up- CNN Student News. Play physical geography bingo!!   Watch video clips about physical processes of the earth and learn how these affect life of people .
Week 2- August 29-September 2
Monday- 8-29  Warm Up -Complete #1 on Read Map Legends (using the atlas).Daily grade on w/s and daily grade on cooperative learning - following Champs for group!  Keep this in W/U folder. Students will complete the Passport and also complete Review atlas w/s together.  If completed, they can work on learning geo. terms using Quizlet and also study guide for continent and ocean test which will be Friday.
Tuesday- 8-30- Warm Up- Complete #2 on Read Maps Legends (using the atlas) .Objective- Analyze Information by Categorizing . Listen to Ch1- 1.2- Themes and Elements and Ch 1-1.3- Regions to understand how these can be used to categorize information.
Wednesday- 8-31 -Warm Up-#3 on read Map Legends. Review 5 Themes with HAND notes. Students will also study together for Map test.
Thursday- 9-1- Warm Up- Character Counts- Kindness. Today we will: visit with the  counselor. Read a little bit of 365 Days of Wonder.
Friday- 9-2- Warm Up- Study silently for the test. Complete Continent and Ocean test. Watch CNN Student News. Read JS and play team building activity.  
Week 1- August 22-26
Monday- 8-22  Warm Up -none.  Greetings.  Get to know each other activities!  Learning rules and procedures! Team building activities!
Tuesday- 8-23- Warm Up- set up Warm Up Folder. Continue learning about Technology portion of Camp Texans, learn about Champs (procedures for classroom activities) and getting to know each other!  Hear  a book - "My Unbelievable Summer Vacation", assign group leaders, glue cover onto ISN.
Wednesday- 8-24- -Warm Up- Complete Passport for ISN (daily grade) inside front cover, complete What I know on 8/24- map of the world, listen to pages 12-13 in text about "Spatial Thinking" to understand why we must think geographically to understand how others live.
Thursday- 8-25- Warm Up- Color and label a map of continents and oceans for ISN.  Go over study guide for map test- major grade. (Next Friday 9/2). Review Geography Terms.  
Friday- 8/26- Warm Up- Watch CNN student news and take notes.  Students will work in cooperative learning groups to review map skills using the atlas. Finish the Passport for ISN inside cover if not completed.


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