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Test Features:

Reading Webpages:

www.getepic.com (copy and paste)
Literacy Websites

Parents' Choice Foundation: www.parents-choice.org
The Foundation's mission is to provide parents with information to participate wisely in their children's learning outside the classroom.

United Through Reading:

United Through reading's mission is to facilitate supportive relationships for children through families and friends reading aloud with them.

Reading is Fundamental: www.rif.org

This literacy organization has a great new site for children and parents called, "Leading to Reading".

A fun online alternative to Mad Libs

SEDL Tips for Parents: http://www.sedl.org/new/pressrelease/20070821 130.html
This site contains additional ways to help children develop reading skills.

Vocabulary Practice: www.freerice.com
For each word answered correctly 20 grains of rice are donated to the UN World Food Program to help end hunger.

A-Z Vocabulary: http;//www.vocabularya-z.com/

Here is a great website for the Mystery word of the Week. It's free and on the Vocabulary A-Z webpage.

What Should I Read Next?
Check out the following websites for book recommendations and reviews!